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 I got this from website called   and i want you to read it.

My friend Onuoha Ukoh of the Nigeria Daily Sun Newspaper has posited some safety tips sent to him by his cousin for those who participated in the Magic Money Movement (MMM) whose account have been suspended.
Make sure you are very close to your friends and relatives who are into MMM.
Observe their movement and monitor where they are going.
If you see any of them going close to a river, stream or ocean, raise an alarm and invite police.
If you see any of them talking to him or herself, alert near by psychiatric hospital.
If any of them begins to behave angrily and break or destroy things, please notify your friends, and use cow rope to the person.
                       This may look like a crafted joke by a person who is mocking and Nigerians who participated in the Magic Money Movement in Nigeria but it is stressing the possible consequences of crash of the MMM scheme, which spread quickly across the country like wild fire. Should the MMM crash, billions of naira would be lost by Nigerians who went all out for this quick money making avenue without considering the implications. According to Ukeh, a consecutive estimate put numbers of Nigerians enrolled in the MMM scheme at three million. Mr. Ukeh has being doing some calculations since this figure was release. If these three million Nigerians had put in #10, 000.00 each, it means #30 billions is in the cooler now that the scheme has been suspended. And if these three million Nigerians put in an average of #100,000.00 each, it means #300 billions is at stake. Therefore, if MMM crashes now, Nigerians should weep for loosing such a large sum in one fell swoop, at a time of recession like this.
                 Nigerians quickly dabbled into MMM without questioning what has been the driving force. What product is MMM dealing on? Any system that gives money when it is not an investment fixed deposit of stock cannot be any thing other a ponzi scheme.
                 If according to MMM’S statement that it is not a bank, a business our investment but it is yielding money; what is it then? The fact of the matter is that Nigerians are ignorant and allow themselves to be fooled by smart people with little money they would make at moment and not able to see the dangers ahead.
                One thing everyone should know about MMM is that it is a group of smart individuals who want rip off others; it is not as if they so love Nigerians or want to recreate the country’s economic from its present shambles.
                Yes it is true they claim that the money pledge by the members does not go to them. The trick is that: the MMM promoters will be the first to offer “help”. They will invest the money providing help to others and as others go in, the promoters would also ask for help at higher stakes. When they feel they have made enough money from it, they will withdraw from the scheme and it will crashes.
                This should be a warning to Kenyans as the Magic Money Movement is to moving to Kenya. Kenyans should beware of MMM if you are not poised to lose your hard earned money.

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