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Are you looking for the key components of a healthy lifestyle? Want to know how to feel and look better and younger? Want more joy, love and peace in your life?

Are you looking for the key components of a healthy lifestyle? Want to know how to feel and look better and younger? Want more joy, love and peace in your life?

Then you've come to the right place!

When talking about health most people generally think about physical health. Most of what we hear on a daily basis through mass media centers round physical health or physical ailments, sickness and disease. We constantly hear about diet, weight loss and obesity and degenerative diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

There are three other broad categories of health that often don't get the limelight they deserve. These are...

    Mental health
    Emotional health
    Spiritual health

If you are looking for a holistic approach to health, if you want to experience greater vitality and feel wonderful then you must consider all four components of a healthy lifestyle.

Four Components Of A Healthy Lifestyle

The four major components of a healthy lifestyle are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. To experience optimal wellness it's important to have all your health bases covered.

Mental health is arguably one of the biggest problems areas in our global community. Many people experience constant negative chatter in their mind. This commonly leads to or reinforces low self esteem and depression. Is what you're thinking about damaging your health? The common solution to mental health probelms is to numb out. People numb out by watching TV, 'veging' out, being busy doing urgent yet unimportant tasks, consuming alcohol and drugs and gossiping to name a few. People assume that if they ignore mental health issues they will go away.

Closely linked to mental health is emotional health. Many people, men in particular, have learned that feelings and emotions should be suppressed. Our education and upbringing leads us to believe we live in a logical linear world. The problem with supressing emotions is that they build up like a pressure cooker and often go off at the worst possible times. Have you ever 'exploded' due to some insignificant event, couldn't find you car keys or your favorite shirt.

We become experts at holding in anger, sadness and fear. We express love, joy and peace in a controlled manner acceptable to unwritten social agreements.

Spiritual health involves answering deep introspective questions like - Who am I really? Why am I here? What happens to me when I die? What is my life for? Why am I stuck? Why does collecting a bunch of stuff not make me happy? Why am I not doing what I want? How do I achieve my potential? Wise people say that human beings are spiritual beings living a physical, mental and emotional existence. Personally I have no idea what spirituality was about until a couple of years ago.

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