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Short Messaging Service Secret Exposes

Short Messaging Service, SMS is one of the most popular means of communication today, more popular than email. Unlike the email, most people have gotten used to paying for their text messages. However, today there are services that offer free text messaging services. If you plan sending lots of text messages, bulk SMS services offer cheap SMS to mobile phones.

We are all used to sending free e-mails. You just log in to your account and send the email to any account you want without paying the e-mail service provider. For SMS however, we are used to paying for them. However, you can now send free SMS with your mobile phone or computer to any mobile phone in the world.

Here are some free SMS services that can be used to send SMS to mobile phones in Nigeria. All of them can be used to send free text messages internationally. Check for supported countries or networks before sending free text messages.

You can send free SMS with your PC or mobile phone. Note that to send free SMS with your mobile phone, you will need a mobile phone with at least GPRS support. Some free text services will require a browser that can access full websites, while others can be accessed with simple WAP browsers.

Before using a free text messaging service, make sure that the network and/or country you wish to send the free SMS text to is supported by the service. Also, make sure you read the terms and condition of the free SMS service, just to be sure your number is safe.

Note that if you send an SMS to a network that is not supported by the free SMS service, you will be billed for the service.

Here is a brief description of the free text messaging services listed in this page.


Wadja is a social networking website that allows members to send free text messages with their mobile phone or PC to any network in the world and in Nigeria. Visit for more information about Wadja free SMS text messaging service.


Mjoy is a mobile internet portal offering free text messaging between mobile phones. Mjoy also offer mobile blogging service on its portal. Mjoy is designed for mobile internet and can be accessed with a WAP 2.0 browser. Visit for more information about mjoy free text messaging service.


Text4free a free texting service designed for sending free text from a PC via the internet to a mobile handset. If you want to send free SMS to a number in Nigeria, make sure it is a Globacom number, as free text will send free text messages to Nigeria via Glo mobile. You can send free text to any network in UK, Belgium, France, Germany, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. Over 100 network providers worldwide are supported. Visit for more information about text4free free SMS service.

How does free text messaging work

Most services that offer genuine free SMS use it as a marketing ploy to attract visitors to their website. Once on their site and enjoying their free SMS service, they hope you will try some of their non-free services. This may include music, games, and ringtone downloads. Free SMS text services also make money through advertising. Therefore, if this marketing strategy fails for your free SMS provider, they will be out of business.

To reduce cost of your SMS, free text messaging services buy cheaper bulk SMS from different network providers upfront, enabling you to send SMS free as part of their bulk account with the service providers. Therefore, although you get it free, the free SMS provider pays for it but at a cheaper rate because they buy the SMS in bulk.

Beware of some free SMS services

Some free SMS services are not genuine. They claim to offer you free SMS service, but all they are interested in is your phone number, which they will use to send you Ads or scams to your mobile phones. So, before using any free SMS service, make sure it is genuine.

Therefore, you now know that you can send SMS free. Try any of these free text-messaging services.

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