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Getting Traffic on the 500 Top Directories

The 500 directories to get traffic on your website/blog are
My latest review on the ways to maximize profits from knowing the most expensive keywords with Google Adsense program
If you know the most expensive keywords on the internet, you can create websites and web pages based on these keywords. From these blog/website, you can serve expensive ads and/or promote affiliate offers that reap high bounties when clicked or completed you earns a high income per click.
The only challenge here lies in driving traffic to these blogs/websites. The number One way to drive traffic is through search engine optimization (SEO), This will create a website that ranks highly on the search engines and receive "free" traffic. Another second way to drive traffic is through online advertisement.
Online Advertisement: When embarking on the online, one key is to understand point between high paying keyword and low paying keywords. Determining the correlations between inexpensive and expensive keywords is very important. You can advertise on the inexpensive keyword (via pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on search engines) to drive traffic to your website that serves ads based on expensive keywords. For instance, advertising on the keyword "painting" ($0.20 keyword), and sending visitors to your site about the related topic "home remodeling" ($2.00 keyword) allows you to profit from the wide spread between the keyword prices of the two correlated keywords.
Banner Advertisement: There are also wonderful opportunities of driving traffic through   running banner advertisement and other ads through online advertising networks to drive traffic to your website. These ads can run on both "painting" and "home remodeling" websites. The cost of CPM (cost per impression) advertising typically does not reflect the price of the keywords. That is, a banner ad on a "painting" website typically costs the same as a banner ad on a "home remodeling" website. This sharply contrasts the price of PPC advertising on search engines which vary widely based on the keyword. You can compare the price and also determine the most effective
There are two advantages of earning extensively with keywords. The two ways to profit from knowing the most expensive keywords online are listed here as we discuss further. The first doesn't even require you to own or operate a website. In this method, you advertise using inexpensive means (e.g., via pay-per-click advertising on inexpensive keywords or CPM advertising) and direct traffic to high paying affiliate offers.
While the second method is to setting up your own search engine. There are several companies that allow you to easily set up a search engine that serves PPC ads syndicated from Google, Overture or other PPC search engine networks. Once you create your engine, you can drive traffic directly to your PPC results, and get paid every time someone clicks on one of the results. Likewise, on your search engine's home page, you can include many links to expensive keywords, so that when someone clicks on it, the engine shows expensive ads based on those keywords. It is very simple as counting A, B, C to Z. The keywords is very important to online marketer if you really want to get a quick result without wasting time your time and hard earn money to do tests tracking system.
Hello online success partner, understanding the keywords pricing is critical to your online advertising success, PPC search engine and affiliate marketing businesses - businesses that combine for over $25 billion a year in revenues. With a market of this size, generating substantial profits, if you have the right information, is really not that challenging. But it’s worth doing perfectly for endless results.
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Aniefiok Ukang (CSP, SON, CIW, CIPG)
Internet Marketing Consultant, Business Speaker and General Consultant

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