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Ways to Earn Income from Home; Making Money Tips from a Pro

During a time when jobs are uncertain, when 401Ks are going down, and when gas prices fluctuate, many people are looking for making money tips or ways to earn income from home. You, as an employee, may not know from one week, or possibly one day, to the next if your company will have a job for you.
Likewise, when business is down in many sectors, many businesses, both large and small, are having to cut expenses, which includes employees, in order to ease through until times are better. As a business owner, you may be looking for extra money making systems and as an employee, you may also be looking for ways to earn extra money.
Aside from the practical ways of making extra money such as a second job, etc., there are some making money tips I would like to share.
The first tip is completely mental and involves opening your mind to all possibilities. Anytime you want your situation to change, but especially during times of crisis, think creatively. Try opening your mind to an abundant world of opportunities that maybe you had never previously considered. Allow your imagination to wander and brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm.
When you are brainstorming, allow yourself to have fun and let the ideas flow. Release all the “blocks” that have always plagued you and maybe kept you from making some changes that might have really changed your life for the good.  The “blocks” are the usual excuses….”I don’t have enough time.” “I don’t have the money to do that.” “No one in my family has ever done anything like that. I don’t think it is in me to do that.” “I don’t have the education.” “I can’t sell.” I can’t do this or that.” “All I’ve ever done is _________. I can’t do anything else.”

Let me ask you a question. IS WHAT YOU ARE DOING NOW GETTING YOU TO WHERE YOU WANT TO BE? I think I know your answer because if you were getting all you want out of life, you wouldn’t be reading this website. So, back to the brainstorming. Let’s just say it this way….”If you could have or do anything in the world that you wanted to do and time and money were not obstacles, what would it be?” Allow yourself the room to dream. Just the process of doing this exercise allows your thinking to broaden, to open up to new possibilities, to new opportunities, to new ways of extra making money ideas.
Along the line of brainstorming, I will share with you a favorite “game” our family plays at meal times or while riding in a car. It is sort of impromptu at times, but we start of with an idea and we just throw it around, having fun and just allowing the brain juices to flow. Nothing is too outlandish or out of bounds. We can let our imaginations just fly on what project would be a good one, the pros and cons, how we could accomplish, etc., etc.

Many of the ideas have fizzled but a few have, at least, in part, come to pass. For instance, you could just bring up the subject of ways to earn money from home and let your family just throw out ideas, good, bad, funny, outlandish and practical. Someone may say something that will be the root of a great opportunity for you.
Another idea in my jar of making money tips is to think in the realm of ways to earn money from home that will give you residual income–that is, income you can make while you are sleeping. In a traditional job, you get paid for the hours you work and if you don’t work, you don’t get paid. Residual income is income that comes in whether you are working or not or that you get paid several times for doing the job once.
Some examples of residual income are royalties from a book, song or invention, interest or investment income, network marketing business income, purchasing an oil well that is producing oil, or income off rental property or owning a business that produces when you are not there.
Simply owning a business does not mean you will be having residual income for some business owners have simply created themselves a job. Deriving income from a residual source is truly the only way to create wealth for there are simply not enough hours in the day to create wealth in a traditional job.
The third making money tip I will offer is that when you are looking for extra money making ideas and especially ways to earn money from home is to look at the initial outlay of money and time. Some ways to earn income involve more initial outlay or more labor than your would initially think.
If you have never had a business before, using your home as a base can cut some expenses, but you also must consider the effect on your family, how much room you have at your home and the space it takes to grow the business. There are always bookkeeping, expenses and possibly employees to consider.
The good news is that there are many great ways to earn money from home and many of them involve creating residual income. So open your mind and keep searching. Do not be afraid to try new opportunities and ideas when you find the program that excites you and that provides a proven system for income.
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