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Invest where you can see, touch and take charge.

Few Months a go, a Clients send an email to me with much abusive words and complaining with bitterness of Heart .... How he has lost Money online. though i feels bad for him, but i thought to myself to tell him a sub-story of my life concerning online business and how it's has help me and also run my life down if not God that still keep me a life. Life is Risky... Online business is an International Business Which you used to hear about  and we all know is risky. Even the FBI stated on their website their online business is risky and as such when you want to invest in any of the business...verified very well with document sign and this is what these people Don't want to do and to be sincere with you i have lost over $10,000 online Investing on Mutual funds and HYIPs and even those one who promise us to be patience are not still paying and at the end their site is not working again...

What do i tell the bank..i got loan to invest online.... what do i tell a friend who help me with some body... Right then ..i know that putting your money online investment like HYIP's and Mutual funds are all Risky.

Many of my clients invested with them and they have all lost too. What i'm saying is online business is risky

Some lawyers that even invested online could not do anything with those company as i consulted them... i was told they are regarding online business a spirit, we did not sign documents with the company, that the company stated that previous earnings in not a guaranteed for future earnings, they do not registered in Nigeria Corporate affairs or...their own country of origin as International company which qualify any body to joint.Etc... the lawyer started so many things and the END told me "Invest Where you can See your business and if you want to Invest online Invest on what your in charge" 

According to the Rich Dad and Poor Dad... Invest where you can see, touch and take charge.

I then began to zero my money in Investing on A registered MLM in Nigeria and Owning my own Website Business and I thank God i keep to my Lawyer Advice

But i have found out some reliable business online which include MLM, Owning blogging, Adsense, Affiliate program, Dropping ,blogging, Get paid to blog, Survey, owning your personal web business and many others like club etc... Can really be great as a good online business.

God Bless