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The most talk about technology presently in the world today's Probably like many people you need to earn some money, maybe part time, or you want to work from home to suit your hours. You've read and heard that it's possible to make a lot of money from the web - but you don't have a clue where to start. You probably don't even understand many of the terms that are used. Don't worry, everybody who has ever used the web has been in the same position that you are in now. Unfortunately, as the web grew exponentially so did the "scams", there are literally thousands of sharks out there trying eagerly to relieve you of your hard earned cash with promises of easy ways to earn thousands of dollars. There are thousands of people who have parted with their cash only to have their dreams shattered by empty promises, yet there are plenty of honest people who can show you the way to make money and get financial independence.  How do you sort the wheat from the chaff??
Everybody always has a story to tell and ours is simple. Like you we wanted to make money working from home but initially had no idea where to start and didn't have a lot of cash to throw around either, more importantly, we needed to start making money immediately, if not sooner!  It became apparent that there is a steep learning curve involved in a lot of the schemes available - can you design, build, upload and maintain a website - probably not - you can, of course, learn these skills but it does take time and then when you've learned the basics you compare your knowledge to the Marketing Gurus' out there and realise that you still have a long way to go.
It seemed that there were plenty of people offering information of where to go to get information but nobody was actually telling you how to do it or provide a "Blueprint for Success". So we launched this site to;
                                           a} To show you exactly how to make money
                                           b} to show you the options available 
                                           c} to explain those options fully
                                           d} to provide a wide range of resources to help you 
                                           e} to have a forum of like minded people
                                           f}  make money {yes - we're open and honest about that!}
                                           g}  To offer telephone support and advice
We've tried to make the site easy to navigate to the information available and then for you to decide which is relevant for you. Your subscription makes all the information available now but allows you to grow as your own personal abilities expand. In addition, we are constantly adding new information in the form of articles, ebooks, links, resources and any new schemes that become available.
Remember, all the schemes that we recommend are either being used by us daily or have been used by us or our Members to make real money. If you are desperate and serious about making a living or just earning money part time then you'll find everything here that you will need. More importantly, we are one of the very few sites that offer telephone support where you can speak to either of us to help you through your problems.
With 2009 looming ever closer and the threat of world recession, now is an excellent time to start working from home. More and more companies are spending more and more money on promoting their businesses through the web and will need an increasing amount of support from home based workers. We'll tell you who they are and provide you with the resources you need. 
 At How 2 we hear from lots of our members telling us their story; this particular story touched a lot of hearts and we would like to thank Zena James for allowing us to tell it.

 My story by Zena James
My whole life was on the verge of collapsing, my house had to be sold as I could not pay the mortgage, we were living in a not so nice area and even though we had help paying the rent from the state, there were days when only the children could eat.  The car had gone long ago and because of the move in area and no car I could no longer get to work.  I had borrowed so much money from friends and family that some of them stopped taking my calls. I had fallen so far that I could not fall any further.  I eventually found a way.
My neighbour in the flats I lived in had a computer so everyday she let me use it.  I treated next door as my place of work and every day I searched the internet for the way around my plight.  I have to say it was not easy, it took many many hours until I came upon How 2 make money on-line.
I´m not telling you that my fortunes changed overnight because it didn´t.  I had, however, found the way to start the process off.
Here´s how I did it.
My neighbour had a landline telephone, and I started working on the chatlines during the day.  Now I know what you're saying, "I couldn´t possibly do that,"  but listen you can start working on them almost immediately without any costs.  No-one starts off saying I want to work on chatlines, but it becomes good fun and believe it or not you chat to some very interesting people and yes just ones who want to talk about sex, but it becomes a job and while I was chatting to these people I continued to work through your advice.
I also joined the Survey sites, initially, I could only join one, but eventually joined 3. I then earned enough money to buy a computer of my own, have internet and a landline installed. With that I then joined 2 on-line job boards and the free car programme. This provided me with transport. Things were looking up, I did, however, not stop there.
I was working on the chatlines during the day while the children were at school, during the evening I worked as an At Home Call Centre Operator.  I was working for 4 freelance companies, 3 survey companies, driving a free car which  had advertising all over it.
I then started to look at the niche marketing side of things and may I take this opportunity to thank Stuart for his guidance.
Now two years after this all started my life has been totally turned around. I now still drive a free car (advertising has changed over the last couple of years), I have brought my own home (not far from where I used to live).  I have repaid all the money to family and friends and have a healthy savings account.
I still work for the survey companies and chat lines (although not so many hours now) and I have set up my own niche marketing company.  May I thank you whole heartedly for the creation of the website and the team of people at How 2 who are constantly trying to find the best information to keep us informed.
From the Editor of How 2 make money on-line
Zena, congratulations in getting things back on track.  This is exactly why this website came about.  We have been in a similar position.  We trust that things go from strength to strength for you and your family.

Tammys Top Tips
Remember throughout this process, if Zena not given up hope and worked at everything that was available she would not be where she is today.  Just because it's an at home job and on the Internet does not mean it's any less worthy an occupation.  If you want rewards then you must work for them.  Nothing comes to those who won´t.

Use this website as your information tool, keep checking back to see if there is anything new added as we are constantly changing information and adding new pages!!