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How To Boost The Relevancy Of The Adsense Ads On Your Blog

Something that is often overlooked by people monetizing their sites through Adsense is section targeting. Basically this let’s you define or focus the Google bots on the content you feel is most relevant on a page for Adsense ads. More relevant ads help you target higher paying keywords and phrases with your content.
Keep in mind this method doesn’t come with any guarantees, but it’s easy to implement and will help you target sections for Adsense, potentially boosting the types of ads that show and potentially your Adsense earnings.
I’ll focus this quick tutorial for bloggers, but it can be applied to pretty much any site.
Here’s what you need to do:
1. On your Single Post page (single.php), add the following just before the code that inserts the post title:

2. On that same page, add the following code just after the body of your post and before the code that inserts the comments:

That’s it. Those two tags help you emphasize a page section that you want Google to weight when looking at what ads to show for the page.
For regular web pages, you can use the same codes to surround the important content.
You should be adding this to all of your blog pages that you’re using Adsense on.

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