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Dream Your Way to Success

The motivating spirit of becoming a millionaire spring up far back when i was much more younger and to day i'm still at the Road to My Dream Comes True.  I have been online for a while and i keep wondering how God will one day turn my tears to joy and suffering to enjoyment and today I'm self employed person still focusing with my dreams.
Most time i got so many people post so exciting that i almost settle down and say what a great post even to the point of contacting the write to appreciate such a wonderful write up and explain how it's has save me.

Anywere, despite the blog post title, I’m not a big self-help guru,  What? Yes...“envision what you want to happen and it will” kind of guy. A lot of it just seems like mumbo jumbo and kind of hokey. Strangely though, I’m a person that is inspired relatively easily. Confused yet? Yeah, me too.

I was reading a post on the other day about Lufthansa Technik’s treatment of the Airbus A380. It’s an ultimate private jet of sorts with more room and opulence than I may ever experience on a plane in my lifetime. Here are a couple of pics so you can catch the drift of what I’m talking about:
The Dreams

Seeing this seemingly out of reach luxury got me to thinking about being inspired by a dream to the point where it drives you to action. There’s several potential outcomes for dreaming about something big like this.
  1. Your dreams drive you to action. You want something and you work towards getting it. This can be an actual “something”, a lifestyle, a skill, or whatever. By the way, I’m not talking about being driven by things that don’t matter or sacrificing family, friends, or happiness to get stuff. There has to be a healthy balance and the “things” we dream about are different for everyone.
  2. You dream, but don’t act. Kind of like the auto mechanic or bartender who always talks about “opening his own place”. Nothing wrong with that, but I’d venture to guess we all have met or know at least one of these types of people. They talk big, have big dreams, but you know they’ll never actually act on them.
  3. Your dreams bring you down and you fall back on the safety net of telling yourself (and others) it will never happen. In my opinion this is more of a protection mechanism against trying and potentially failing. It’ll happen to “someone else” but not you. Sorry to say you’ve already failed by failing to act. So you might as well pick yourself up and give it a try!
So, dreams are good, but what about the economy. Isn’t it a terrible time to be thinking about working towards a pimp daddy jet?
That’s the other point in the post that got me to thinking. Read this excerpt:

I hadn’t really thought of the recession that way before, but it’s really true. Although there are a number of high end brands really feeling the burn, a number of them are doing just fine. It’s also interesting to think in terms of the global economy. We’re seeing a downsize in terms of wealth across the boards, but are we seeing much of a change in the gap between the rich and super rich, the lower middle class and upper middle class, etc? I don’t think we are.
Certainly there are some incidents where very wealthy people have lost a major portion of their wealth or a middle class family has lost their job, house, cars, etc. But by and large, the effects of the economy are hitting everyone, so instead of focusing on the state we’re in, we should be looking for the opportunity this type of hardship brings.
As bloggers, online entrepreneurs and people otherwise trying to make money using the Internet, we’re presented with opportunities every day that we log on to the Internet. We have the tools and much of the knowledge required to take advantage of these bad times and the money that is flowing online from both consumers and businesses. It’s actually a very exciting time to be doing what we’re doing.
My point in all of this is don’t be afraid to dream, but more importantly let what you’re dreaming about fuel action. Right now is a time we are going to look back on and view as a turning point for a lot of businesses and individuals. Let’s make it a turning point for the good and remember the incredible opportunities we took advantage of while things were down.