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Why My Friends Monetize Their Blog with Thesis Theme Affiliate Program

The experts are right I was told not to give out the complete the secret as you may not take it very important as you work your way to Online Money Making Opportunity.  Here the direct secret I got from my friend as he personally narrated the secret with his own style of preparing his own money making business. In my affiliate marketing series I have discussed that emailing generic affiliate program messages to your blog subscribers is not the best monetization strategy.
“Hello, As I was going through your articles and your blog  got stock at what your doing and I have this articles to contribute and spell out how Affiliate program can expend your online earnings if you do it right. I have also discussed why being dependent solely on banner ads might hurt your blog’s earning possibilities. In this article I will explain how I put this thinking into practice when promoting my favourite WordPress theme.
Be the evangelist of the product you promote
In late December 2008 I decided to invest $87 and get my own copy of the WordPress premium theme Thesis.
At the time I did not even know about Thesis affiliate program so it was just a plus that I could promote Thesis and earn commission from sales.
I think Thesis theme is great, my blog has really improved since I started using it. It looks more professional, trustable and easy-to-read.
This is a first step in promoting a product. You must love it, you must use it. Otherwise it will not feel genuine and your readers can see through that.
Steps I have taken to promote Thesis on my blog
  • I wrote a post on why I decided to go with Thesis. In posts like these you can  include before / after Thesis screenshots and explain how your blog design changed when you switched the theme. Explain what that means to you as a blogger, to your loyal readers, to your new visitors, and to the potential advertisers.
  • I changed the Thesis link in the footer of my blog. I did this by installing Thesis plugin called Thesis OpenHook and including following in “Footer” field of OpenHook:
You can style this message and word it the way you want it. Make sure to change the link to your affiliate link that you find in your Thesis affiliate account. Also check the “Remove Thesis attribution” box in OpenHook to remove the generic footer message.
  • I removed the Adsense banner that did not bring much revenue and displayed a Thesis banner instead. I also put link to my article about Thesis in prominent position on my blog sidebar and included a sponsored box about Thesis underneath each article. See here the code for the Thesis theme sponsored box.
  • I wrote a post on how I customized my blog with Thesis theme. If you feel like revealing your secrets, include the codes you put into your Thesis files and show readers exactly how you did the customization.  Your readers would love this as it makes it easy for them to style their own blog by basically doing a copy / paste.
600+ unique clicks, 12 sales and $400+ revenue
My Thesis articles got a lot of attention. I believe I introduced a number of new bloggers to the Thesis theme, I got some bloggers to finally take the plunge and buy the theme, and in general I think a lot of bloggers saw the value of having a clear, professional-looking and user-friendly blog design.
Since December 19th when I started promoting Thesis theme I sent 611 unique clicks to the Thesis site and 12 readers decided to buy Thesis either in standard or the developer edition.
This resulted in almost $450 of revenue, a part of which I invested in getting the developer edition of Thesis so now I can use the theme on multiple blogs.
You can do this to any other product
This is just an example of steps I have taken to promote a product that I use, love and recommend. These steps can be converted to any other product that you have in mind.
What product do you love to use and that your blog readers might find interesting? Visit their website, they probably have an affiliate program.
If not, contact the company directly, explain your situation and ask if they can agree an affiliate deal with you.
This is a much more active, trustable and real way of trying to make money with your blog. I find it works much better than when I just had some Adsense or some affiliate banners in my blog sidebar.
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