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What are people doing with Twitter?

What are people doing with Twitter: As stated earlier twitter is used to share your status with those who are interested in you. According to Twitter, twitter is about answering one question what are you doing? So on twitter you post tweets about what you are doing and what is happening around you. But what does this really mean?

Posting your status: You can post your status on twitter. For example, you are going to bed, having a dinner, in the airport, preparing for an exam tomorrow, stranded in a traffic jam and will be late for the meeting, going out on a date with your true love. Just about any thing you want your followers to know about you. This is what most people do on twitter.

Share with the world what is happening around you: Twitter can be used to share information about what is happening around you. An earthquake, accident, arm robbery attacks, just about anything, just use your phone or computer to post tweets. You can also inform the world about the ills in your society. Iranians used twitter to inform the world about the fraud that took place in the Iranian election. Thousands of Iranian twitterers were posting tweets on the Iranian election and that made the Iranian elections a trending topic on twitter and provided more accurate information than even CNN.

A group of Nigerians tried to tell the world about the poor electricity supply in Nigeria. However, this did not achieve desired results as there were not enough Nigerian tweets to make it a trending topic on twitter. The campaign urged Nigerian twitterers to add #lightupnigeria on their twitter updates. This was aimed at making #lightupnigeria a trending topic on twitter.

Update your fans on what you are doing: This is similar to posting updates except that in this case you are a popular person. This is what most celebrities and popular figures do on twitter. They inform their fans about what next to expect from them.

Update your customers and visitors: If you are a business or own a website or blog, you can use twitter to inform your customers or visitors about latest happenings in your business. This can help you retain your customers. This is what Nigeria Technology Guide is doing on twitter.

Sell and market on twitter: Yes you can sell on twitter. Twitter is a great marketing tool used by some of the most successful companies to drive sales. Assuming you have thousands of followers on twitter who trust you and are loyal to you; you can decide to sell or recommend your products and services to them. That way, you can make some money. Businesses also use twitter to inform followers of new products, these followers may in turn tweet about these products and with lots of twitterers posting tweets about the new product, it may become a trending topic on twitter. This free publicity is used by a lot of smart businesses.

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