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Twitter real-time search and trending topics

The real-time search feature on twitter automatically indexes all public tweets worldwide round the clock and stores the phrases in these tweets in a database. The most popular phrases for the moment are displayed on your twitter sidebar. These are called trending topics and simply tells you the most popular topics twitterers are posting tweets on right now.

You can search any word to find what twitterers are saying about that topic right now. This is why it is called real-time search.
Twitter Vocabulary

Here are a few words that people use when discussing twitter.

Twitter: A free service for sharing updates with twitterers following you.

Tweets Twitter updates. Your posts of maximum of 140 characters on twitter.

retweet: This refers to reposting tweets posted by others and giving them credit for the tweet. Twitter now provides a simple button for retweeting interestng tweets.

Twitterer: You are a twitterer if you have a twitter account.

Follow: This means to subscribe to a persons tweets and of course reading their updates on your home page.

Following: This is the act of subscribing to tweets. It also refers to tweets you have subscribed to.

Followers: This are the people following your tweets.

List: A category created by you. You put twitter account with similar themes into a list. For example you can create a list for twitter accounts of family members, colleagues in the office, services you use, etc

Trending Topics: The most popular phrases used by twitterers on their tweets right now.
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