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Following people on Twitter

The process of subscribing to a twitter account is called following. If you subscribe to a twitter account you are said to be a follower of the account. Those who subscribe to your account are said to be following you. To follow a twitterer, you must sign in to your twitter account, only then will you see a follow button on the twitterer’s profile page. Simply click on this button to follow the twitter account. If you do not have a twitter account or you are not signed in you will be provided with a button to either join twitter or login to your twitter account.

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Getting followers on Twitter

Your first followers are likely to be your friends, fans, or customers if you are a business. These are people who are interested to know what you are up to. Then their friends will join and then other twitterers as well. If they find you interesting they will follow your tweets. Note that you do not need thousands of followers just as you do not need thousands of friends; all you need is a community of people genuinely interested on your tweets.

You should not sit back and wait for people to follow you (except if you are a business). You should also follow other tweets that you are interested in. If they find your tweets equally interesting they may as well follow you. You should also promote your twitter account on your websites, blogs, and emails.

Do not be tempted to acquire so many followers in a short period. This might put you at the mercy of suspicious services promising to bring you 100 or more followers a day. In most cases they will end up highjacking your twitter account and be sending spam updates through your twitter account without your consent, which might irritate your genuine followers, leading to a reduction in your followers. If you have such spam updates appearing on your twitter profile page, the best thing to do is to change your password and stay clear of such services.

People who get a lot of followers on twitter are usually celebrities and poplar brands.

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