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Six Tips for Money-Making Hobbies

You can make money from your hobby.
Whether you knit, or write, or make photographs, or grow a vegetable garden, or tinker with cars, or build web sites, or collect ancient coins — you can make money from your hobby.
I’m not saying it’s possible to get rich by playing your violin at weddings, or by weaving baskets from pine needles, but earning money from a hobby is a nice way to get paid for doing something you would do anyhow.
This article is the first in a series that will explore how to turn a hobby into a source of side income. In the weeks and months ahead, I’ll describe general best practices, discuss potential pitfalls, and provide case studies culled from my friends, and from the stories of readers like you. (If you’d like to share your experience, please drop me a line.)
First, by way of introduction, here are some ground-rules for making money from hobbies.
Focus on something you love
Pursue something you’re passionate about. Choose a hobby that you enjoy, and find a way to make money from it. Don’t choose a hobby simply because it might make money and then dive into it with that aim in mind. You should be doing this hobby because you love it; any side-income should be secondary.
I love to write. I was struggling with debt. I began to read personal finance books, and then to summarize what I’d learned for my personal web site. From this, Get Rich Slowly was born. Now I make over a thousand dollars monthly writing about personal finance. But I didn’t start this for the money — I started this because I was passionate about the subject. Keep it fun. Don’t let it become a chore.
Be creative
If you’re interested in making money from a hobby but don’t know where to start, think outside the box. What skills do you have that others don’t? Define the term “hobby” broadly. Find something that you can do that most others cannot, something for which other people might be willing to pay.
At my day job, I have a customer whose wife loves to cook. She turned this hobby into a part-time job as a personal chef. She prepares meals in advance for wealthy clients. She spends a few hours a day preparing a week-long menu for people who pay her handsomely for her time.

I have a friend who likes to travel. One day he discovered that he could subsidize his journeys by writing about the places he visited, and by taking photographs. Now every couple of years he takes an all expense paid vacation. He’s doing something he’d do anyhow, and it doesn’t cost him a dime.
Start with have you have
Staring business is always very slow but with time it will move and you will rape profit. Though you will not turn over night millionaire but you will still make a living doing what you love most. Bu t you have to keep focusing on your hobby and equip your self with new ideas and tools to make you super activate millionaire. Your hobby will not make you rich. In most cases, it won’t even make you enough money to allow you to quit your day job. It’s quite possible, however, to earn enough money to make the hobby self-sustaining, to keep yourself in new tools and equipment.
My brother builds speakers and works with audio equipment as a hobby. He makes some money at it. (“Spending money,” he says.) Jeff notes, “It’s not hard to make money from a hobby. What’s difficult is trying to turn it into an actual business. Moving from a hobby to a business is a pain-in-the-ass.”
Often when you try to take your hobby to the next level, the joy goes out of it. Suddenly the extra income just isn’t worth it. When I tried to turn my computer-building hobby into a business, I hated it. There’s a balance to be achieved, and if you can find it, you can have a fun while earning extra income.
Don’t underestimate your ability
It’s easy to discount your abilities. When you truly love something, your prolonged experience can give you skills and knowledge that you don’t appreciate.
For example, I have a love for early 20th-century American pop culture. My brain is filled with facts and anecdotes about once-famous recording artists. I sometimes find myself under the impression that everybody knows who Billy Murray was, or is familiar with the song “Ukulele Lady”. But this isn’t common knowledge — it’s specialized.
The same concept holds true for you and your hobby. Know a lot about Napoleonic warfare? Start a blog about Admiral Nelson. Spend time tinkering with bicycles? Open a small-scale bike repair service. Not everybody knows what you know. Don’t sell yourself short.
Market yourself
This can be difficult. In order to actually earn income, you need customers. But just as most people have a tendency to underestimate their abilities, they also tend be uncomfortable with self-promotion.
There’s no shame in mentioning your money-making hobby to friends, family, and neighbors. You needn’t be pushy. Just mention it at natural points in the conversation. If you’ve decided to do some woodworking for cash, mention this when your uncle mentions he wants to buy a new bookshelf.
Marketing can be subtle, but it’s an absolute necessity if you hope to earn money from your hobby. People need to know you’re available before they can hire you.
Honey your skill
Practice makes perfects according the wise men. The more time and energy you’re willing to devote to your hobby, the better you will become. The better you become, the more likely that you’ll be able to earn money from it.
Photography is a terrific example. If you’re willing to make a hundred images a day, you can improve your skills quickly, especially if you teach yourself about composition. You may never become a professional photographer this way, but you can develop your skill to the point where you can sell images to stock photo agencies, or enter (and win) photography contests.
Some people are born with natural talent. Most of us have to work at it.
Don’t Quite Continue
The most time
Why should you care about making money from hobbies? Remember: the wealth equation has two sides. You accumulate wealth by reducing expenses and by increasing income. Often we only focus only on our careers when it comes to “increasing income”. But there are other ways to make money. One of the best is to harness a hobby.
This is an especially good technique if you’re stuck in a low-wage job. And sometimes a person can turn a money-making hobby into a career. Who doesn’t want a job doing something he loves?
Future articles in this series will cover topics such as: Making money from photography, using the web to make money from a hobby, making the leap to full-time, creating web sites about your hobby, teaching your hobby
And, of course, plenty of anecdotes from people who have turned their hobbies into money-making ventures. Most of all — whether or not you make money from your hobby, enjoy the time you spend with it! Hobbies help make life fun.
Aniefiok Ukang
Internet Marketing Consultant
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Be Weary of Anthony Morrison The Hidden Millionaire Scam

May 27, 2010 by Leonel Apartin
The past 2/3 nights I have been flipping the channels and kept coming across these informercials about a make money online marketing system, and of course, that brought my attention. I actually started to watch it, I really wanted to know what this guy Anthony Morrison is selling.

The pitch is that you can make THOUSANDS of dollars from home with his system (that he made millions on) by buying his book but he has “vested interest in you””anyone that picks up the phone now and orders my book…”. The sales pitch is right there and plenty of people that are desperate looking to make a buck in this economy could easily fall for something like that. It seems that’s already the case as I guess I’ve never heard of this guy, but he’s been around as I came across a FORUM THREAD that has A LOT of people talking about this system being a scam.

It’s very long but from what I gathered from reading several other websites, this is what it is; Anthony Morrison system and the hidden millionaire introduces people to affiliate marketing using Google Adwords. He charges $4k and has you sign contracts (ouch.) There are horror stories.
My hope for this post is for people who are thinking about purchasing this system because they are struggling to make money and want to work at home is to know and understand what the system is and you don’t need it. Sure, to be fair, I believe learning Google Adwords and Affiliate Marketing does have value, let’s face it, A LOT of people make money that way. What gets me is to see people who are struggling being sold false information about the money that’s to be made and set real standards.
You can make a lot of money from Affiliate Marketing, just know and understand it takes time and a good amount of knowledge on what marketing tactics to use, what niches to enter due to pay-per-click prices in the search engines (Google Adwords for example) and other things.
If you spend a few hours online researching affiliate marketing and Google Adwords, you will get the gist of it and can learn it on your own. Anthonys Morrison system is something that people need to understand once you purchase it, you will spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars promoting these credit card offers and HE IS MAKING MONEY OF YOU. You can eliminate a middle man. It is so easy to sign up to an affiliate program.
Again, from what I have read and saw on the informercial, there is value in learning about affiliate marketing, Google Adwords, and getting a website as template because the reality is that someone who starts at first, without much knowledge, for the most part, fail. Again, that’s for the most part.
Anthony Morrisons the free milionaire offers a ‘free website’ that he provides to you and really sells you on the ‘no hosting fees.’ Well…what happens if Anthony Morrison goes out of business and shuts his servers down. You lose your website.
Again, beweary to purchasing this product and read forums from people whom have purchased this system.
This is a quote from DeskTopServer article on the system:
“Basically, all of the “success stories” are actually employees of the company, business associates with Anthony, or close friends and family members. Not a single one of them had to pay any monthly fees along the way or the $4k sign up fee, therefore none of them were technically “scammed” out of anything. In fact, the only way they get their paychecks is if Anthonys company is a success. (Think about that and it won’t be any surprise to you that they would write a “success story” for his website. Any good friend would, right?)”
If you hit the search engines about this you’ll get an earfull. Anthony Morrison and his employees are very proactive when it comes to responding to blog and message board posts. Also I suspect they’re posting all the glowing messages about making money with it. They’ve also registered a ton of domains and made blogs to try to dilute any negative posts and of course talk up their thing. Of course the people who invested the $4,000 and didn’t make money are pretty livid about it.
To sum it up, the problems I have with the Anthony Morrison Hidden Millionaire system is it doesn’t cost $4,000 to learn how to open a Google adwords account. It also doesn’t cost anything to join an affiliate network to promote credit card offers (they also charge a $30 a month fee which you shouldn’t be paying. The biggest problem people will run into is that the keywords for the business are expensive and with the conversion rate, most will be lucky to break even or not lose their shirt in the process.”
I really don’t doubt that statement, take a look at this blog:, what do you think?
DISCLAIMER TO THIS POST: I see a lot of activity on this particular post and it was never my intention to just call someone out, especially of a system that I’ve never used myself. I saw this on TV a couple of times and being an online marketer and someone heavily involved in the industry, I decided to do some research and write a post. I urge you, besides reading this, to do your own research on this program. I just wrote based on the facts and info I’ve gathered. Again, I don’t know Anthony Morrison nor have I ever used the hidden millionaire program.
When you have a look at who a man’s enemies are you can tell plenty about that man’s character. This is especially true with the disruption over the Anthony Morrison scam. Anthony Morrison is an internet businessman whose online businesses has earned him millions of greenbacks. Anthony Morrison wants to show his appreciation for the great success he has had by sharing his ideas with others.
While Anthony Morrison didn’t create the internet cash generating methodologies he uses he has been able to use the tools of the internet well. He has mastered the art of generating income from a site without actually selling any products. These money making techniques are out there for anyone to use. The issue is folk just are not aware of them. It’s like owning fishing equipment and a lake full of fish but nobody has taught you the correct way to fish. Anthony Morrison teaches folks the best way to fish for wealth on the web.
The great thing about running an internet business is that it is an opportunity available to anyone. You do not need any credentials or higher education. The only thing you need to do is to stick to the plan that Anthony Morrison will teach you.
One system is to have firms pay you for advertising their internet sites. This technique is known as affiliate marketing. With affiliate internet marketing major world firms will put advertising on your internet site. When visitors click the ad web traffic is driven to the company’s's internet site. These corporations will pay you to push traffic to their site.
Anthony Morrison will also teach you how to invest in internet domain names. Using this powerful technique you will build a huge inventory of valuable internet real estate in domain names. These domain names, which are your property, will become over time a profitable investment.
With these techniques you do not want to sell any products. You don’t need to maintain an inventory. It is fascinating that when you look at those who complain about the Anthony Morrison con you realise they are promoting the same kind of web money making businesses. They just don’t do it as well as Anthony Morrison. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to obtain financial liberty. You are invited to read a free report that explains in more detail the cutting edge ways you can make money online.
What is it with the Anthony Morrison scam? Well, take a look Anthony Morrison review at When you do that, you’ll be able to see for yourself.

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