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Making Money Online from Nigeria, Available Opportunities And Detailed Ways To Go About It.

Making Money Online is the Number talk of the day in Nigeria and Most African countries presently and you can avoid here about it and also know the strategy to adopt to become online money making guru.This is a guest post by Nigerian blogger, Mr. Aniefiok Ukang. As usual, I’ve taken time out to edit a few things and add a few and i hope you will enjoy!
This guest post is all about: The real Secret of Still Making Money Online from Nigeria, Available Opportunities And Detailed Ways To Go About It.

If you read my first guest post which asked the big question: Can Nigerians Really Make Legit Money Online ? you might have noticed that a few folks, via the comment form,  have “accused” me of not spilling enough info with regards to how to make money online working from Nigeria . I’ve hereby decided to honor their request and spill on 2 Surefire Ways Of Making Money Online From Nigeria.

Before I start, let me remind us of some very important points. Now, whether you are a Nigerian or you’re from another country:
  1. Making money online is not a get rich quick scheme.
  2. Making money online sometimes takes time and does not happen automatically so it’s advisable to HAVE A DAY JOB so as to have some source of income to maintain yourself before you hit it big time!
  3. Making money online involves hard work and loads of hours (sometimes like 9 to 5 full time work)
  4. Making money online involves getting paid for something.
  5. Making money online involves selling a product or service (this does not necessarily mean you own product or service. It could be affiliate marketing)
  6. Making money online is like having an offline business sometimes, so you have to treat it as such.
  7. Making money online is easier when you are solving peoples’ problems or fulfilling their desires
NOTE: Allow me to “derail” a little. The obsession with Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard and Verified PayPal Merchant Accounts has got to STOP. Nigerian “gurus” are making millions off you via these obsessions. You don’t need either of both to succeed in making money online as more legit companies are now offering payment via bank checks and wire transfer and even Western Union.
Of recent, one of you confirmed the fact the one can not use a Payoneer card for any transaction UNTIL it has been funded via the company through which the card was issued.

Example: If you ordered for a Payoneer Debit MasterCard from LimeExchange, you cannot use the card anywhere online or offline UNTIL you receive @ least one payment from LimeExchange via the card. In other words, if you really need a Payoneer MasterCard, I recommend you start working for a company that issues them like 2CheckOut and LimeExchange. When the time comes to withdraw your earnings, then you can apply for Payoneer’s Debit MasterCard.

If you need a MasterCard badly so as to enable you make purchases online, I highly recommend you get Zenith Bank’s MasterCard WebSurfer. It’s AWESOME 

If you need a payment processor to help you collect fees for your goods and services, you ought to try 2CheckOut.
Back to the business of the day ;-). Here are 2 Surefire Ways Of Making Money Online From Nigeria.