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Where to registered Domain Names

Why Adsense for Domains is the Best to start with TODAY
The Adsense for domains is the latest way of turning your Adsense to money making machine. The idea here is Adsense for Domains is Google Parking system to enable blog Publisher earns money with their adsense account.   

When comparing the Adsense for contents, Adsense for Domains, Adsense for search and Adsense for Feeds, Adsense for Domains is top the listed of earning daily income. It enable the exactly keywords to appear on the domains without even writing any articles to the page. It is an automatic page that you forward from your Domain Registrar to Google account. For more info about using domain registrar visit and post a comment for guide. 

Hope your getting the point here. Have you noticed that keyword price result is Zero profit if there are no clicks? Its cost/day (keyword price X clicks/day) that makes you rich, not keyword prices itself. Well, you may ask why I’m going too far like this, Just wait.

Second truth, you have gotten high paying keywords, Use the keywords to register domains names as many as you want. Such as com, net, uk. cc, etc using those keywords names as your domain name will enable expensive keywords to appear on your Adsense for Domains.  

Example: I just registered a domain name 10 minutes a go, take a look which is $15.  thebusinessfocusgroup is a high paying keywords which are bids in adsense $79.10 while the minimum bids are $4.50 per click.  What I mean here is if you use high paying keywords as your domain name, you will also get a high paying Adsense appearing on your blog page or webpage.

Another example: if you don’t have money to register a domain name, you can still open a blog name with a high paying keyword. Say ebuyforum is a high paying keywords of $30 per click, I can now open blog account as , it will enable the ebay products, ebuy and forums to appear on my adsense blog and any click that occur in my blog, I will earn instantly up to $24.40 on my Adsense after  Google will subtract his percentage. If 1000 people visited my blog and 100 people click my Adsense on the blog in a week or a months, that mean 100 people clicks  X 30 per click  = $3000 Earnings for either a week or a month. 

 You can register Domains at, ,,, and you find more list of company at   

The point is that top paying Google Adsense will appear on the page such as a click in your page could earn you $20, $50, $70 and above.

Now let’s look at the list of the most profitable keywords, not the most expensive AdSense keywords! Others who don’t know much about it look for expensive Adsense and Profitable keywords enable you to get traffic to the blog/website. visit