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What is The Profitability of Using Google Plus or Google+ or you can say How To Make Money From Google Plus Social Media

The most a waited social media by top Internet marketer has just been given birth and it is know as Google Plus or you call it Google+ which is a highly anticipated social networking website that is growing at a rocket speed.  The birth of this wonderful and systematic study about social media and what the people are looking for has finally landed using Google INC.  This social media has just started and those who secured the seat will be smiling daily with massive traffic to their website and clients contacts.   

As I said, Google+ is in the nascent stage; hence it is still in a cash territory to make money or creating another online revenue stream to the users. As Google Search prefers Google+, Twitter, Myspace, and Facebook to improve Google Search generatic radio results. So that's also means if somebody or Google+ user +1 your posts, your Google Search ranking will be certainly improves and result into better search almost immediately.

1.  In Google Plus you can Add Google+1 batch on your blog or website, so that user can directly follow you on Google+ very easily.
2. Add Google +1 sharing button for your blog or website and ask your blog or website readers to +1 your blog or post.
3. You can engage your Google+ follower and ask them to comment on your Google+ post or articles.

These three steps will help you to get more Google +1s, and certainly improves your Google+ Search Ranking and this will increase your traffic on your website or blog to enable you make more money for your self. So that if somebody or Google+ user +1 your posts, your Google Search ranking will be certainly improves and result into better search. 

A lot of people see how fast Google Plus is growing and they want to make money from Google Plus right away. You can actually make money, but you are not going to have as much luck as you would with automating other social networks.

Here are some tips to make money with Google-plus which you have to Adopt.

1) Do not start spamming products and using affiliate links right away. No one will circle you. You must build an audience first. We normally said that the truth is always bitter because many people don’t want the truth but it must be told.
2) Do not use an automated Google plus script. Engagement is higher and you will simply not get results your looking for if employing Google Plus auto script.
3) When Google Plus business pages are released, do not use them like FaceBook fan pages right away. Learn what makes them different and make good use of them.
4) Develop your expertise on Google Plus and it may lead to new consulting and speaking opportunities for you

Probably the best way I have seen to make money with Google plus is to write a really good article or blog post that the Google Plus audience would like and have an affiliate link or sign up on the page. Then use Google plus to post about the page and get people talking about the topic. That will drive traffic, and you can monetize the traffic on your webpage without needing to post affiliate links in Google Plus.

Hope you enjoy the write up. Please your suggestion and comments is welcome.
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