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There are three determinative factors for the success in Google Adsense blogging. I adopt these three listed system to arrive at the get of success.

 These are:
1. High Paying Keywords: The Cost Per Click (CPC) that is carried by the ads assigned to your site.
2.  The Traffic Rate: The number of page impressions, or simply put, the amount of traffic that passes through your site. If you garner a lot of page impressions, you have a better chance of acquiring a lot of clicks.
3. The Click: The Click through Rate (CTR), which is the number of clicks, your ads get per the number of visitors that visit your pages. The higher you’re CTR, the more you stand to earn.
Making money with your blog is your primary goal of online, and then you have to choose the right keywords before everything else. Basically, your blog will be assigned certain ads based on the keywords prevalent in its entries. There are some keywords that will attract ads that pay high as $100 per click, and there are those that will attract ads that pay low as $0.10 per click. The trick is in finding the high paying keywords around the domains name, blog/web and articles writing. I have listed top paying keywords ranging from $1 to $100 per click.