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My Personal Online Business Story and Google Adsense Automated Money Making Secret System

I have been receiving monthly checks from Google since 2007, and I've read numerous success stories of websites earning six figure incomes per month with Adsense. Now, I will admit, the six figure income commission in a single month is probably not the norm for most participants.  I promote Adsense on my 3 blogs and presently I’m promoting thirty (30) blogs and three (3) websites and my earning has increased from $270 in 2007 and $1000 to $5700 monthly.
The more information you have, the more you can build your Google Adsense to a greater height. Toward the third month of year 2009, after getting frustrated in so many online business which I lots $2200 in my Paypal account, $1019 in survey and data entry program,$521 in randomizer program like stormpay and $16,270 Hyip /Mutual Funds such as  solid investment, Smellc, Grape pay, Investment funds, USA ICI and lastly CIF. In summary, I have lots over N4 Millionaire Naira. I became so discourage that almost commit a suicide, God for bit, Yes, you may ask me why I wanted to commit suicide?, here the simple answer, I got a loan from ECOBank and spring bank to champion my business online with the hope of turning over millionaire, but only got disappointed to the the of saying goodbye to online business for ever.
As God may have it, On October, A friend from South Africa, encourage me to forget about the pains. After going through my 3 months researched on Google Adsense Millionaires top earners secret. I started testing tracking with my Google Adsense blog. I want to announce to you that the greater chance of making money online using Google Adsense is now and you can not afford to miss this opportunity. The points I’m making are get high paying keywords, attracting free search engine traffic and get a click on your site and you’re on the list of Top Google Adsense income earners lists. That's why it's so very important you choose a topic you have an interest in so you can keep building and building.
My checks weren't always that large.  I think my first earnings for a year 2007 was a totaled of $270. It’s was not bad for me then, because I was making money from other internet businesses. However, I kept getting more and more search engine traffic by adding more content and the checks slowly began to increase. But this was not the kind of income I was looking for online. I quick my online business and until Johan Alfred, got me back with the new Google Adsense Guide using Adsense For Domain and the new Introduced program by Google in 2009 ending of the year.
For over 3 year, I have been using Adsense for contents and Adsense for search to earn a little income online, but presently discovered using a new introduces Adsense for Domains pattern has changed the side and the way to make money with Google Adsense. Adsense for Domain is the latest way to make money with adsense even easier then before or when we first started in 2005. Because back then, we where using adsense for contents, adsense for search, adsense for feeds and presently Adsense for Domain.