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How Google Adsense Money Making Business Works

How Google Adsense Works
Google Adsense is undoubtedly the most popular Pay Per Click (PPC) program in the industry today. By enrolling your blog/site under the said program, Adense will display a series of ads on your blog pages. You stand to earn every time a visitor of your clicks on these ads. They don’t have to buy anything, mind you. They just have to click on the ads and nothing more. These ads are by no means random. They are contextually relevant, meaning, they are assigned based on their relevancy to the subject of your site.
The search engines visit my blogs more often than they visit my regular sites, and they follow the links from my blogs pointing to other sites. Some of these links point to my sites, and some point to sites of partners. This does help the search engine rankings of these sites massively very high.
The adverts displayed by Google come from the Google Adwords service: This is where advertisers can bid to display their advert whenever a user searches on Google for a certain keyword. An advertiser also has the option to display their advertisements on the publishing network (websites that display Google Adsense).
Most of the time, people keep asking me this same question time without number, Do you think “Google Is Crazy?” I know what you're probably thinking..."What are the deals here? Why would Google just give away money advertisers are paying them?" because Google is very smart company that have figure out ways to make their online income.
If you understand how AdSense works, you will see that it's a win-win situation for everyone involved, and the bottom line remain the benefit to both Google and the publisher.
Let me explain further…
Since the advertiser's ads are now being displayed on more blog/webpage all over the internet (instead of just Google's site), they are getting much more exposure.  More exposure means more clicks and even more traffic for their site over a shorter period of time. This is good news for Google because the more traffic the advertisers receive, the faster their advertising funds are used up.
Remember, they get charged every time their site gets a visit; and of course, it is Google's hope that they'll continue to keep funneling more money into their Adword account for more ad exposure and promotion.
The blog/webpage display Google Adsense based on the articles on the webpage and blog. For instant, if you create an article covering ‘Stocking trading’ the ads from Google Adsense will display Stock Trading related advertisements on the page. You earn money from the advertisements on a cost-per-click basis. The amount that you earn per click varies dependant on the keyword and the number of advertisers bidding for that keyword at the time of an action on the blog or website.
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