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Interview with Internet Young Riches Entrepreneurs Millionaire

I have been online for quite a number of years and my initial passion was selling on Ebay and playing an online game called Runescape

My first site proper website was a website dedicated to graphics. It was a large success and had a lot of daily visitors, but it was never really my passion, so I sold this site for a nice profit and moved on to other projects.

Is Retire 21 your first website? When did you started it?
I had the idea for in September 2006 and I did a Beta launch in December of 2006 and a Full launch in January 2007, so it really has been a fast and exciting journey.

Why did you create it?
The idea came from a seminar I attended with Yanik Silver at his Underground Online Seminar. I realised that there was a lot of generic information regarding making money online, but there were no resources aimed at younger people like myself.

How popular it is today? What kind of audience do you have?
Today it is very popular, in fact, it is one of the most popular young entrepreneur sites on the Internet. The audience are generally aged 15-35 and are very enthusiastic. I really think that the passion of the audience has been one of the reasons for the success of the website.

Do you think that your generation should be worry about retire or get money earlier than our parents used to get? Why?
I don’t think today’s generation should worry about it, but they certainly have opportunities and information that previous generations did not have. So to waste that opportunity would be a real shame.

Do your parents agree with your ideias about make money? Did it work for
Yes, they are very supportive, which really helps. My father became a millionaire aged 40, so I still have a some way to go before I match his success, but I am getting close, and my goal is to make $10 million before I am 25.

And your friends? Do they use it?
Yes, many of my friends use the site, also, I have made many new friends via the website. I am a great believer that surrounding yourself with inspirational and like-minded people is a positive thing.

Do you think that anyone can be rich with a good idea? What is necessary for that?
I think that anyone can create a good idea, but not everyone can turn that idea into a success. For example, anyone can purchase some basic vegetables, and some meat, but a only a dedicated and skilled chef could turn those basic ingredients into an award winning meal. I like to think of a good idea as the ingredients, and good ingredients certainly help improve a meal, but there are many people that would destroy those ingredients. The same applies online. There are many people that lack the focus, determination, and energy required to make a great website/meal.

Why do you think some people can get a lot of money with them creations and others can’t even pay them investiments?
I would say that the reason some people make a lot of money is that they took action / got started. There is no point in having an idea only, because an idea in itself will not make you RICH, only taking action, starting the business and moving forward (correcting as you go) will eventually make you RICH – assuming of course that the idea in itself was a good one to start with. It is also important to believe and not give up – especially when you have challenges along the way.

How much money have you make until now? And how much do you aspect to
I don’t like to give exact details, but I am currently making a very nice living from the Internet. ( is not my only website) I expect to make $10 million before I am 25. You have to aim high with your goals, it helps keep you focused and motivated.

Get money and retire early is important to you? If you get this money and don’t need to work anymore, what changes are you going to make in your life style?
I wouldn’t say that money is important to me. But freedom, especially the freedom of choice, self-respect, and independence, these are important to me, and making a lot of money is the easiest and safest way of achieving all of these.

What will I change in my lifestyle?
In many ways I am already living the Internet lifestyle… I travel the world, I meet amazing people, and I am both happy and comfortable in where I am right now. However, I would perhaps buy a few new cars when I reach all of my goals.
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