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The Author Guarantee the validity of the code BM002F20 but does not Guarantee approval of account which may happen because of your internet provider security therefore the money back guarantee of the e-book is base on invalidity of this code. In my experience, most internet connection that uses general ip for all their customers are mostly rejected while internet cafes are the ones that are generally approved
Financial spread trading is simply predicting the direction of currencies, stocks, index etc within a period of time base on accurate analysis.

Sometimes the markets are simply trading in the same range. BetOnMarkets enables something not offered by other brokers.  You could use a “Barrier Range Trade” or “No Touch Range”.  This means that you win if the market does not hit either the specified higher or lower levels during the period of the bet. BetonMarkets lets you place fixed odd financial bets which means either you win a fixed amount of money, or you get nothing upon expiry. You can also sell your bet before the closing date to mitigate your losses. Each bet takes a small amount of commission, but you choose when you want to close the bet (it can be as little as 10 minutes or as long months). Bet prices are calculated using a variety of different models from complex mathematical algorithms to simpler methods taking into account demand and market price. You are allowed to bet on all the major world markets and currencies.  You can bet on indices like the FTSE 100, US and UK Shares, Forex, Crude Oil and Gold. Before playing for real money at BetonMarkets you may decide to open a FREE Practice Account with 10k of virtual funds to play with. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the software before spending your money. BetonMarkets has created a range of innovative and exciting ways to allow you to start financial fixed odds betting. BetonMarkets is essentially a broker that offers odds in financial markets which are presented in a really interesting format. They differ from traditional fixed odds bookmakers in that they have developed some clever software to allow them to do this in unique way. The complex algorithms that BetonMarkets uses allows them to offer a range of bets on Forex currencies, UK / US stocks and commodities (Crude Oil and Gold).

Betters actually jump in without analysis, they only take chances while traders look at the market, analyst it and are able to tell the particular market direction within a period of time base on accurate analysis.

In forex trading, a trader will need a large movement in the market to make good money. But in financial spread trading, you only need 1pip movement to make a certain percentage of your stake. I discovered lately that financial spread trading is the simplest way to make money from the financial market and the good news is that you can now start with FREE $20, NO deposit require from you.
Tax Free Investments • No Capital Gains Tax • No Income Tax • No Betting Tax • free practice account to trade with – learn the system at no cost • many types of analytical charts, including real time forex charts • no fees or commissions • FREE $20 no deposit bonus.  When paying by credit/debit card, the funds are available immediately. • The innovative bets make it possible to trade forex, stocks indices and commodities • Super easy format to place bets which takes seconds • Opening an account takes minutes • There is a free £100 offer for new accounts • You can trade in GBP, EUR or USD. You can even transfer funds from one currency to another • You can take profits or reduce loses by closing a trade early

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