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Interview with Internet Young Riches Entrepreneurs Millionaire

I have been online for quite a number of years and my initial passion was selling on Ebay and playing an online game called Runescape

My first site proper website was a website dedicated to graphics. It was a large success and had a lot of daily visitors, but it was never really my passion, so I sold this site for a nice profit and moved on to other projects.

Is Retire 21 your first website? When did you started it?
I had the idea for in September 2006 and I did a Beta launch in December of 2006 and a Full launch in January 2007, so it really has been a fast and exciting journey.

Why did you create it?
The idea came from a seminar I attended with Yanik Silver at his Underground Online Seminar. I realised that there was a lot of generic information regarding making money online, but there were no resources aimed at younger people like myself.

How popular it is today? What kind of audience do you have?
Today it is very popular, in fact, it is one of the most popular young entrepreneur sites on the Internet. The audience are generally aged 15-35 and are very enthusiastic. I really think that the passion of the audience has been one of the reasons for the success of the website.

Do you think that your generation should be worry about retire or get money earlier than our parents used to get? Why?
I don’t think today’s generation should worry about it, but they certainly have opportunities and information that previous generations did not have. So to waste that opportunity would be a real shame.

Do your parents agree with your ideias about make money? Did it work for
Yes, they are very supportive, which really helps. My father became a millionaire aged 40, so I still have a some way to go before I match his success, but I am getting close, and my goal is to make $10 million before I am 25.

And your friends? Do they use it?
Yes, many of my friends use the site, also, I have made many new friends via the website. I am a great believer that surrounding yourself with inspirational and like-minded people is a positive thing.

Do you think that anyone can be rich with a good idea? What is necessary for that?
I think that anyone can create a good idea, but not everyone can turn that idea into a success. For example, anyone can purchase some basic vegetables, and some meat, but a only a dedicated and skilled chef could turn those basic ingredients into an award winning meal. I like to think of a good idea as the ingredients, and good ingredients certainly help improve a meal, but there are many people that would destroy those ingredients. The same applies online. There are many people that lack the focus, determination, and energy required to make a great website/meal.

Why do you think some people can get a lot of money with them creations and others can’t even pay them investiments?
I would say that the reason some people make a lot of money is that they took action / got started. There is no point in having an idea only, because an idea in itself will not make you RICH, only taking action, starting the business and moving forward (correcting as you go) will eventually make you RICH – assuming of course that the idea in itself was a good one to start with. It is also important to believe and not give up – especially when you have challenges along the way.

How much money have you make until now? And how much do you aspect to
I don’t like to give exact details, but I am currently making a very nice living from the Internet. ( is not my only website) I expect to make $10 million before I am 25. You have to aim high with your goals, it helps keep you focused and motivated.

Get money and retire early is important to you? If you get this money and don’t need to work anymore, what changes are you going to make in your life style?
I wouldn’t say that money is important to me. But freedom, especially the freedom of choice, self-respect, and independence, these are important to me, and making a lot of money is the easiest and safest way of achieving all of these.

What will I change in my lifestyle?
In many ways I am already living the Internet lifestyle… I travel the world, I meet amazing people, and I am both happy and comfortable in where I am right now. However, I would perhaps buy a few new cars when I reach all of my goals.
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Social Networking Site Which has High Traffic ?

 Social Networking Sites are like Twitter and Facebook are great places to promote your website. On Facebook you can create groups centered on your topic, and network with other users who have an interest in the topic of your website.
On Facebook you can create a fan page, so you can use that to promote your website as well. Founders of Twitter don’t classify themselves has social networking sites. I would say it falls in that category. Alot of people think Twitter is a waste of time, but if you learn how to use it, it can be a great way to generate traffic. Great Networking tool.

1. Reddit: Popular social news website with a large user base. Covers a wide range of news, buy ampicillin without prescription. 400mg, 450mg, 500mg, 625mg, Includes several topical sections called subreddits, which focus on specific topics like programming, science, politics and business, canada, mexico, india.

2. Digg: The largest and most popular social news website on the internet. Reasons to buy ampicillin online, Covers all topics including politics, entertainment, technology and general news. Buy ampicillin without prescription, Includes a separate video and image section.

3, ampicillin from canadian pharmacy. Propeller: A social news site that covers all topics from technology to politics and entertainment. Operates in a similar fashion to Digg. 1000mg, 2000mg, Propeller

4. Fark: A community news site which allows users to comment on news articles, buy ampicillin without prescription. User submitted links will be posted on the main page once they are approved by the administrators.

5. Slashdot: Primarily a tech news site, farmacia ampicillin baratos, ampicillin online kaufen, Slashdot also covers topics like books, games, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Phoenix, Arizona, politics and entertainment. Users can submit stories and they may be published after editors approve it. Buy ampicillin without prescription, A popular site that can send a large amount of traffic.

6. Metafilter: A community weblog which allows users to share links and discuss interesting websites/topics, kjøpe ampicillin online, bestill ampicillin online. Moderation is done through editors as well as peer pressure in order to prevent gaming.

7. I am bored: Covers general topics with a strong focus on weird and offbeat news, buy ampicillin without prescription. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, You can submit a link which may be posted after the editors approve it.

8. Mixx: A general social news sites which has a category for all types of news. Topics covered include business, where can i buy ampicillin online, entertainment, sports, 125mg, 150mg, 200mg, 250mg, health and tech. Buy ampicillin without prescription, Includes the ability to create groups to share news with other users.

9. Shoutwire: General news site that is well populated with a loyal group of users. Topics covered include technology, Boston, Massachusetts. Charlotte, Carolina, politics, entertainment, Online buying ampicillin hcl, lifestyle and sports.

10. Newsvine: A website consisting of community-driven news stories and opinions, buy ampicillin without prescription. Users have their own blogs and can write articles, save links to external content and vote/comment on other user stories, comprar en línea ampicillin, comprar ampicillin baratos.

11. IndianPad: A general social news site that with a large indian userbase. Ampicillin pharmacy, Topics covered include entertainment, sports, videos and tamil news.

indianpad Buy ampicillin without prescription, 12. Linkfilter: Covers all sorts of news, buy ampicillin from mexico. All links are posted and moderated by users. Links can be ranked on several levels: clicks, Buy ampicillin online no prescription, votes, age, or a combination of all three called points.

13, where can i order ampicillin without prescription. NewsCloud: A general social site with a focus on news in all topics, buy ampicillin without prescription. Similar to Newsvine, each user has their own blogs and can publish content to be voted up by other users. Buy ampicillin without a prescription, newscloud

14. Hugg: Hugg is a social news site with a strong focus on environmental issues. Also includes other categories like politics, science, San Diego, California. Dallas, Texas. San Antonio, Texas, fashion and technology.

hugg Buy ampicillin without prescription, 15. Plime: A general news site which features a wide variety of topics ranging from religion and sports to technology or business. Ampicillin samples, Odd news performs best in this community.

16. C2NN: An active social news site with a variety of topics including environment issues, business, buy ampicillin without prescription, politics, animals and offbeat. Similar to Hugg in focus but much more populated and active, buy ampicillin without prescription. Baltimore, Maryland. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, c2nn

17. Kirsty: A general news site with a focus on fashion, entertainment and design on top of other topics like technology and food. Has a strong female user base, ampicillin for sale.

18. Nowpublic Buy ampicillin without prescription, : A participatory news network which focuses on citizen journalism. Each user has their own individual profile blog/page and can upload videos, Købe ampicillin online, ????????? online ampicillin, images and news stories.

19. Stirrdup: General social news site with four broad categories: politics, technology, 400mg, 450mg, 500mg, 625mg, news and entertainment.

20. Searchles: A hybrid social news sites which covers all topics, buy ampicillin without prescription. Buy ampicillin online no prescription, Includes a video section and offers personalized filtering features and the option of joining groups made up of other users with similar interests.

21. Linkinn: A social news site that specializes in pictures and video. Covers a broad range of topics, Baltimore, Maryland. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, particular offbeat and weird content.

linkinn Buy ampicillin without prescription, 22. Earthfrisk: Covers topics like humor, Buy ampicillin from canada, politics, entertainment and business. Combines a social network and group features with digg-style news voting.

23, ampicillin coupon. Truemors: A social rumor news site which focuses on the publication of "true rumors that are relevant, informative, Buy ampicillin without prescription, and interesting." Users can post links anonymously via text, voicemail, web or email. Editors moderate content, buy ampicillin without prescription.

24, Jacksonville, Florida, Columbus, Ohio. StumbleUpon: A social network and browser toolbar which allows users to channel surf the internet. Technically not 100% a social news site, Where can i buy ampicillin online, although users can submit webpages to be rated by other users. Here is a guide to StumbleUpon.

stumbleupon screenshot Buy ampicillin without prescription, 25. Linkswarm: Covers a wide range of topics from celebrity gossip to funny media, science and politics, ampicillin withdrawal, snort, alcohol iteraction. Focuses on pop culture and bizarre news as well.

Niche Social News Websites

Here are social websites which focus on a specific niche. 0.4mg, 0.5mg, 1mg, 2.5mg, For best results, only submit to them when your site falls within the same niche or covers the same topics. Or else you're likely to be marked as spam, buy ampicillin without prescription.

26. Sphinn: Sphinn is a social site for search and interactive marketers, 5mg, 50mg, 75mg, 100mg. It's designed to allow you to share and discover news stories, read and take part in discussions, Order ampicillin online overnight delivery no prescription, discover events of interest and network with others.

27. Dzone Buy ampicillin without prescription, : DZone is a free link-sharing community for developers. Other topics commonly featured include web design and programming.

28, ampicillin from canadian pharmacy. Tweako: A user-powered site and social network with a focus on guides and tutorials in all categories like computing, technology, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Phoenix, Arizona, and the Internet.

29. Autospies: A social site that focuses on automotive news, car reviews, auto show photos and videos, buy ampicillin without prescription.

30. Design Float: A social news site for design-related content, comprar en línea ampicillin, comprar ampicillin baratos. Topics covered include business, freelancing, Kjøpe ampicillin online, bestill ampicillin online, advertising, digital art and branding.

31. Ball Hype Buy ampicillin without prescription, : A site that aggregates content from thousands of sports blogs. Users can submit stories and votes will determine if they make it to home page, order ampicillin online c.o.d.

32. YCombinator Hacker News: A news site that focuses on technology, Ampicillin pharmacy, startups, business and entrepreneurship.

33. SWiK: A community driven resource for people who use open source software, buy ampicillin without prescription.

34, order ampicillin from mexican pharmacy. Buzzflash: A user driven progressive political news website that allows you to submit political stories.

35. Canada, mexico, india, DNHour: is a user-powered news portal built specially for the domain name industry. Buy ampicillin without prescription, Most members are generally from the domain name industry, which includes domain name owners, companies or professionals.

36. PlugIM: PlugIM is a user driven internet marketing community. Topics covered include search engine optimization, ampicillin FDA approveds, products, business and marketing. Fort Worth, Texas. Denver, Colorado, plugim

37.Showhype: Operates in a similar way to Ballhype. Stories come from two sources — users and aggregated content, buy ampicillin without prescription. Users can also submit a link to a story that they've found or write their own article on ShowHype.

38. Small Business Brief: A niche social site which focuses on small business news, rx free ampicillin. Topics covered include marketing and sales, website development, El Paso, Texas. Washington, D.C. Seattle, Washington, management and entrepreneurship.

small business brief Buy ampicillin without prescription, 39. Hypediss: Social news site with a focus on design, fashion, urban culture and art, köpa ampicillin online, Osta ampicillin online, Jotta ampicillin verkossa.

40. Chictini: Product-oriented social site which a focus on new trends and styles. Købe ampicillin online, ????????? online ampicillin, It's possible to submit news stories although most of the submissions feature products from online retailers.

41, buy ampicillin without prescription. DotNetKicks: is a community based news site that focuses on topics like NET development techniques, technologies and tools including ASP.NET, C#, ampicillin price, VB.NET, C++ and Visual Studio. 1000mg, 2000mg, dotnetkicks

42. Lipstick: Reddit-style social news site for celebrity gossip.

43. Hubspot Buy ampicillin without prescription, : Social news site for marketers, entrepreneurs and business professionals.

44, buy ampicillin from mexico. Winelifetoday: A niche social site for wine lovers. Topics covered included news and opinion articles to do with wine. Purchase ampicillin online no prescription, wine life today

45. Allows users to publish and share products with the broader public which they find cool, innovative, exceptionally beautiful, or just weird, buy ampicillin without prescription. Included with every item is a link to an online shop where it can be purchased.

46. Wordsy: A niche social news site for people who love reading and books, where can i buy cheapest ampicillin online. Topics covered include small presses, fiction writing, authors, book awards and poetry. (Note: Wordsy has suspended its site since Dec 2008)

wordsy Buy ampicillin without prescription, 47. Value Investing News: A niche social news site that covers stocks and investment news. A small but active community.

48. Teenwag: Focus on celebrity gossip. A hybrid social network with digg-style voting, buy ampicillin without prescription. Users can submit links to be voted up by other users.

49. Muti: Muti is a social bookmarking site inspired by reddit and Digg but dedicated to content of interest to Africans or those interested in Africa.

50. Tip'd Buy ampicillin without prescription, : A social media site for finance, investing, and business topics. Tip'd users vote on stories they like by clicking the 'Tip it' button that appears next to each story, and then can comment by pressing the 'Discuss' link below the story.


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