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Did Google Like YourTrends

You can visit Google Trends ( or to know what people search on Google and comments about. Google Trends updates their list of things that people search a lot on Google daily. You can take advantages from this list by writing post on things listed on that list.
Do you want to be on the search result when people search something listed on Google Trend. Optimize your website to be more search-able. We can help.
If you mean make 1Million in a year from Google Affiliate Programs. 
so average. $2310/month 
About $77/day 
Each click usually is from $0.05 to $2.00. Let's assume average $0.5 per click (I think this is still high) you need to have at least 6666 clicks/months
If CTR is 1.5%. You need at least 8667 views on your site each day. 
I don't know much sites can have 0.3M traffic everyday other than search engine. 

Get motivated, you only need to make about $2,800 per month, which could be as easy as 547 web sites making as little as $0.5/day each which kind of gives you an idea of what makes scraping so theoretically lucrative. 
Started adsense in September 05.
Up to the end of Jan, total earn has been: $239,447, [edited] Forgot we was still in feb:
If you were to earn a million dollars a year from Adsense, you probably couldn't do it alone.
A site like that would have thousands of pages and probably be updated daily.
You would need to hire writers, webmasters, and tech support staff if you are generating that much traffic and visitors. 

I was making 7 digits/year before I had any full-time help, so it definitely can be done (but I've been doing it full-time for years). Web publishing is one of the few business areas where it is possible; however I probably should've started getting more help earlier. You're not going to get many answers to threads like this because there are just no great reasons to answer - how does motivating others help me? 

I don't feel it does motivate many others, possibly the inquisitive few who would most probably do it anyway, since many simply refuse to believe it to be true and then there are those who do believe it but lack the wherewithal to achieve it.
It's like living in a small town and everyone there thinking they know all about your business and personal life when, in actual fact, they know nothing!
The funny thing is that I do actually live in a small market town of 18,000 populations and the family name is extremely well-known. I left the family business 25 years ago yet mention my name and everyone thinks I own it and refuse to believe me when I tell them otherwise.
Are they prepared to believe I have an international bricks and mortar business in Brazil, China, India, Italy and a few other countries?
Why? Because their preconceived notions consider it's not possible for someone like me to do it, it's the impossible dream to them, something only someone else does...the ones they read about in the tabloids, that's their reality.
Anyone mention Big Brother? Yuck!
So no, let's keep all the naysayers happy and tell them it's not possible to earn a million with Adsense, then they'll have their doubts confirmed. 
 have a feeling some here take it like the jackpot, lucky topic, lucky
traffic, lucky millions, it doesn't work that way, its a lot of work, and
investment like any other business.

I agree entirely with this statement, but would phrase it slighly differently for myself. It's taken a lot of work (I don't know about "hard" :-) ) to get where I am, but on the other hand I do feel like I have hit the jackpot or at the least I feel very fortunate that my hard work has paid off well. Sandly there are many who have worked just as hard as I have, for much less. 
that is precisely why any adsense millionaires (if they exist) are not going to say anything. if they did, all they would be doing is creating a legion of inspired webmasters trying to reverse engineer their success.
I agree that many feel this way, but I am usually willing to share alot because of my opinion that people that "follow" you by trying to copy your work or methods are just that... "followers", and so long as I am not "following", well, that makes me a leader and being a leader means you stay ahead of the pack.

Unfortunately I am not an adsense millionare yet, however I am a "one man show" and I profit enough from advertising revenue in general (mostly adsense), that I can definately see that 1 million per year is definately reachable for a one man operation. It would require alot of automation of processes though, and much thought as to how you could cut down on time consuming tasks without the use of employees (if you wanted to remain a one man show that is). I hope to reach 1 million per year goal within 3 years and my last few years of income trends indicates that I will, but we'll see. 
ve been an independent contractor for many years. It's basically the only classification in the IRS Code that fits this situation. We provide our own tools, our own workspace, we create our own "jobs," we work whatever hours we work, we're responsible for whatever costs we incur, we agree to perform (or not perform) our "job" functions with essentially no guarantee of payment, Google pays us 100% of what they say we "earn" and we're responsible for all taxes, social security, etc. on any money they transfer to us. And any time we stray outside the boundaries of the TOS Google can fire us. Actually, Google can fire us at will, any time, for any reason or no reason, irregardless of the TOS. This is what it was like to work in America before unions and the IRS. But these days we get all of these "benefits" plus we get that 1099 at tax time every year (at least 100 years ago we wouldn't have had to "share" our income with the government).

If we were "employees," Google would have to tell us when we're not in compliance and how we aren't in compliance. They'd have to work with us to get us back into compliance. They would be sending us W-2's and would be responsible for withholding taxes and for half the Social Security taxes. They would even have to guarantee payment of at least minimum wage, and we'd have recourse if we were fired and didn't get paid. We'd have regular hours, in a regular workplace, using their tools to do the jobs they would define, and there'd be room for "advancement"... We'd even have access to unemployment insurance.

But in the end, because we are all "independent contractors," everything is on us and Google is completely "off the hook" for what we do (or don't do), as long as they dutifully report to the IRS the total annual amounts of whatever money they transfer to us. And it's on us to figure out why we might not be in compliance if that happens, Google doesn't have to explain a thing. As Bill Clinton was sometimes known to say: "Ain't America great?"
 took a look, of the two ad units on the page, one was an ad for AdSense. I wonder what Google pays when someone clicks on an ad for AdSense? Or is that considered a PSA?

But one of my email boxes gets half-a-dozen a day: Turn on the Google ATM, Make Your Millions with Google AdSense, Work from Home with Google AdSense, etc. It looks like PBK Swarup Enterprises (Google CashCow, Google CashKey, etc.) has burned enough gullible Indians that they can now afford to open an office in the US, and we all know how gullible so many of these Yankee newbies are...

As for the comment about "build it and they will come," I did, started 11 years ago. Got into AdSense more than 3 years ago, long enough to see a 3% CTR that paid $0.025 per page view back then, pay $0.005 per page view now, for that same 3% CTR. So more than double the traffic makes 1/3 the money. I've had to retire it into being a hobby again and turn my attention to things that actually make me money consistently: things like being an AdSense and AdWords consultant for other folks... I know, you're thinking "how do I sleep at night?" Very well, actually, because some of my "consultees" have vulture money backing them (and the vultures are paying me - but I won't allow them to invest in me: been there, done that, won't do it again).