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"God gave us internet that whosoever understand it will not die of poverty but shall make a living online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year and throughout his or her days on this planet" Aniefiok Ukang in his eguide "The Online Investment Guide"
If you are ready for online business opportunity, this information empire will guide you through and you will discover how a common man with neither a huge capital can start earning a living online as i do.


Dear Client,
I welcome you for taking a bold step to request for this information. You saw the advert from Success Digest Extra Magazine , title “DISCOVER 7 WAYS OF CREATING WEALTH WITH THE TOP US INVESTMENT COMPANIES.” I want to congratulate you for reading Success Digest Extra Magazine and I encourage you to continue reading it while introducing your friends and love one to always keep in touch with the paper.

I am going to show you the most EXCITING INCOME-GENERATOR which is going to generate piles of profit every week and month for every investors. It’s all about investing your money and go home to sleep while your money work for you. You will be smelling to the bank either on weekly or 9th, 15th and 30th/31th of every month to withdraw your money in your bank account without doing anything. "It really WORKS like AUTOMATIC MACHINE..." I called it “ US HYIP ALTERNATIVE INCOME GENERATOR.

It is very simple you can make $1000- $7000 per month just with a little investment start up capital. Clerically, You only invest your money and go home to sleep while your money work for you. The rich do not work for money but money work for the rich. Say Kiyosai
"God gave us Internet that whosoever understand the Internet would not die of poverty but shall make a living online 24 hours days , 7 days a week, 365 days a year throughout his or her days on this planet". Aniefiok Ukang(CSP)2005 on his book "The Online Investment Guide
I'm going to show you how I make over $10,000 in six months with US LICENSE HYIP ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENT...and how you can possibly do the same. This will change the lives of thousand of Nigerians and African people who are ready to start INVESTING on the Internet business or earn extra income.
These investment companies have been in business for over some years now and the investors who took advantage are enjoying today while others who lack the information and the knowledges are continue to loose their hard earned money to the USELESS HYIP without knowing that US LICENSE HYIP ALTERNATIVE CAN EARN ONE AIMLESS WEALTH within few months time.

The difference between men is their ears to be informed. To be informed is to be transformed. To be uniformed is to remain deformed. Your decision is your destination. Your life travels in the direction of your decision. That you have responded to our advert is sufficient testimony to your avid and strong penchant for financial freedom and liberty. Your search for information and willingness to pay the price to acquire the relevant knowledge to attain to your desired financial haven constitutes a key to unlocking the door of abundance and plenty in your life in this age, your strength no longer counts

Thanks to the power of information. I am quite sure that this information product we are about to hand over to you will unarguably and inevitably make you a head in your family, neighbourhood and community. You will never experience poverty and lack again in your life if you act on this information now. The choice is however yours whether to stop at this point or to proceed to order for this product. You are what you choose to be. You will be what you will to be. Our product is sincerely packaged to assist you achieve maximum benefit and satisfaction and 100% rest assured of these companies. You will “DISCOVER 7 WAYS OF CREATING WEALTH WITH THE TOP US INVESTMENT COMPANIES.” Yea. I know you are anxious to get to this portion of my sales letter. Well, I will let the cat out of the bag. But make sure you get the cat to avoid further possible damage. If you have lost money before online/offline to the UNLICENSE HYIP, you will appreciate this e-book and even thank God for using me to show you how to start earning piles of money from US LICENSE HYIP.

This is a 100% automatic money making system
James Bradley: "The best thing about it is that it works automatically. You do not have to do anything and the money keeps flowing."
This is not MLM/ Matrix program
These are not empty promises;
You do not have to sell or advertise anything;
You do not have to buy anything to start making money
It is easy to understand and start investing, Everyone can do it!
You can start with a little money and make unimagineable money within 3 months.

What is inside?
Our e-manuel describes 7 ways of creating wealth with the top US Investment companies that can be used to earn money efficiently solely by using 3 top companies on the e-manuel to start your Internet investment. The discussions of the methods are followed by examples and step-by-step instructions how to invest, 3 top companies to invest immediately, how to withdraw your money,. The e-guide also tells you where to look for more information about the covered methods, so that you can become even more proficient in using them. Also, there are instructions how to automatically to start it immediately.

Do you know that there are license HYIP in US that are making wave in the international market. I have explained the 3 top companies in US you can invest a little money and start earning piles of dollars either daily, weekly and monthly based. Every companies explained on the e-guide, has all gone through a series of test with expert and proved super investment to the investors.

Another exciting thing about these companies is that Nigerian are allow to invest and every investor is given a certified certificate to prove the level of investment and the authenticity of the company.

Wonderfully, these companies has last more than 7 years.
Each of the companies mentioned have millions of investors.
I'm one of the investor and i have been investing with them for over a year now and i understand the A,B, C of how to invest with them. You can start to invest with theses companies, immediately you order my e-guide. After getting my e-guide, go through each of the companies and their levels of the investment. Pay for any level you want to invest and send your details and the requirement. You can either call me on phone or send email to me.

I will immediately confirm and wire the money out to my own with the company and use the money to quickly register you. When once i complete the registration process, i will send the pin/passwords to you with the account name. Then as you get it, login and print your certificate out and keep while the company will keep paying the money to your account weekly and monthly based as it is explain on the e-guide.

You can earned over $10,000 without doing any hardwork with these companies, My money making secret information can maek you wealthy even more than the way you expected. You can Let Your Money Work for You rather than carrying it to dom in Nigerian mutual funds / Stock market.Yes, A friend tell me how he invested N200,000 in the Nigeria Stock Market and after 6 months i earned N300,000 while another friend took the same a mount of money and invested in US Mutual Investment Company, after 3 months he earned over N450,000 and yet the investment was still growing which was to last for 18 months. but within 3 - 6 months he has actually gotten the principal investment back . Now you can see why you need to invest in the international market because it has a lots of yielding then in a local market. The Nigerian stock market which is becoming frustrating for newbies and there is no way for beginner to make money with little investment without having a broker that is ready to listen and asist you. Why not investment with HYIP ALTERNATIVE BUSINESS to aimless wealth online. Now with N7700 you can gain your financial freedom for life time.

To get your own package, take the following steps:The Ebook/Eguide is N9000 but if you order within 7 days pay N7000 to any Branch


Account Name: Aniefiok U. Ukang, A/C no: 0930110167083501


Bank PHB
A/c Name:
Aniefiok U. Ukang,
A/c No



Account Name: Aniefiok U. Ukang

A/c No: 2570001011861

After your payment send email with the details of your payment to email: or call: 08036382314


If after receiving the E-Package you are dissatisfied with it for any reason, you can return it for a full refund of your money. But, before then, you have to notify us within a week of receiving the e-guide, which in your own case, is assumed to be within 7 days after dispatching your e-package to your email box. Again, you have to ensure that you notify us not later than a week after your e-mail notification, if you don't like it, ask for your money back to be refunded to you within the a week of receiving our e-guide. Note we may choose not to honour ur money back if you cannot convince us of the reason(s) you are dissatisfied.

Moreso, you have opportunity for consultancy on any Internet Business of your choice and You can even book appointment with me in your state.
Pay for the e-manuel within 7 days from now and you will be included in our coming Online conference for free while others are paying N10,000, Yours is free. Conference is coming up next month online.

Bonus: 3 top E-guide that will teach you how to start making legal money online in 2009 and year to come.

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